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It's Me Again!

I'm trying to stay on top of everything but well, you know... life and all. As you all know, many of the earlier signings this year were cancelled, but I was able to attend the High Octane Author Event in Venice, FL. We had a good time and really enjoyed meeting everyone that attended despite all the craziness in the world. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in San Antonio on September 11, 2021. Then we'll be on to Nashville, which is always awesome. NYC is after that - I've never been, so that will be fun. Last one of the year will be Shameless which is my Holy Grail of signings. You have no idea how excited I was to get an invite as an author. Anyhoo, y'all have a great day and pop in to see me here and comment anytime you want. I'll try to be more active on here since Book of Face is being so finicky. UGH! Love you all to pieces! MUAH!


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