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I’m still alive!

Well it seems Facebook is at it again. I’m going to try to stay more active on here (but we know how that went last time).

Things upcoming:

Aug 2, 2022: Sabre: RBMC Ankeny, IA releases

Aug 5-6, 2022: RRR23 Author Event, Knoxville, TN

Sept 17, 2022: Wanderlust Author Event, San Antonio, TX

Oct 14, 2022: Taming Raptor: RBMC Dallas, TX releases

Nov 4-6, 2022: Shameless Author Event, Orlando, FL

Dec 27, 2022: RBMC book… TBD

How many of you will I see at the Author events? Who is excited for upcoming releases?


Tina Workman
Jul 29, 2022

I’ll be at Shameless & Wanderlust barring anything going on with Bob.


Michele Brooks
Michele Brooks
Jul 27, 2022

Excited about the audio releases of course! The more the better! I’m going to make SA again for sure. Knoxville, TN keeps calling…

Michele Brooks
Michele Brooks
Jul 28, 2022
Replying to

Agreed!! But they’re worth the wait!

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