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The Demented Sons MC Novels were the first series released. Start with Colton's Salvation and fall in love with each of these broken men that need special women to repair their fractured souls.

Colton's Salvation

ISBN-13: 978-1547053810


The army taught me to kill.


Every flex of hard earned muscle was for my country. I didnt need shit else except my rifle, my brothers, and the enemy. I was born to fight.


Then the military cut me loose.


Civilian life. Two words dirtier than the bloodshed downrange. I didn’t want my freedom.


I wanted my goddamn purpose back. I wanted my government issued M4 in my hands. I wanted to taste the grit of foreign soil. I wanted to fight until I drew my last breath...


Then she crossed in front of my path—carrying our child.

Mason's Resolution

ISBN-13: 978-1975746933


I loved the army.


Call me crazy, but I ate, breathed, and lived for combat. I’d have my brothers’ backs until the day we died. I was loyal to the core.


I sure as hell didn’t plan on having it taken from me—but sometimes sh*t happens.


Expendable. That’s what I was to the army. A broken soldier, cast to the side.


I needed the adrenaline rush of hitting the drop zone. I needed my rifle and the chaos of battle. I needed my goddamn honor back…The Demented Sons stepped in and gave me my reason to live.


Then she showed up and turned my world upside down.

Erik's Absolution

ISBN-13: 978-1981341085


I joined the Marine Corps to escape.


Betrayal left a bitter taste in my mouth and I didn’t care if I made it back alive. Too bad I lived when those around me died. What the actual f*ck…


I was no goddamn hero—no matter what that purple medal said.


Every day I was drowning. Until the Demented Sons found me. They forced me to fight, or die trying. They showed me they had my back. But I sure as hell would never need anyone again.


Then she strutted on stage and I was a goner.

Kayde's Temptation

ISBN​-13: 978-1986329903


The Marine Corps made me ruthless.


Able to kill a man without batting an eye—I was a cold, heartless bastard. I proved it by sleeping with my best friend’s wife the night of his funeral. Then I walked out the door.


She’d always been my greatest weakness and my biggest temptation, but she deserved better than me.


After taking one too many bullets, I was discharged from the Corps. I moved across the country and the Demented Sons became my family. I vowed to never see her again. 


Then she begged me to help her disappear.



The Straight Wicked Novels are Kristine's second series released! Make Music With Me is the first novel in this series that centers around the four members, and their families, of the highly successful rock band... Straight Wicked.

Make Music With Me


I’m the lead singer for Straight Wicked, the hottest rock band in years.


Every woman wants to be my muse. But that position is already filled. Lust, love, heartbreak, anger—every word I sing is for her.


Except she doesn’t belong to me.


She used to be my brother’s woman, but now she’s drowning in grief and I’m soullessly plotting.


I want her to see me.

I want her to hear my music.

I want her to know my words.

I should feel guilty for what I’m about to do, but I don’t. She needs to move on and I need to fucking

breathe again. I’m a substitute for no one. My name is Levi MacKenzie and I’m in love with my brother’s fiancée.


Make Music With Me is the first book in the Straight Wicked Series. It’s a story of learning to let go and move forward. It’s about accepting the possibility that there is hope of finding peace. Life doesn’t always play out the way we plan, and the light shining at the end of the tunnel may be held by the last person you believe it should be, but it may be exactly who we were intended to find.

Snare My Heart


I'm the drummer for Straight Wicked, the hottest rock band in years.


Every woman wants to be the one I choose for the night. After all, I have the reputation for being a rock star on stage and in bed.


Except for her. Challenge accepted.


Now she's begging for my help, but she has no idea she's about to make a deal with the devil.


I want her in my bed.

I want her to marry me.

I want her to have my baby.


I should feel wrong for what I'm about to do, but I don't. She needs a marriage of convenience with an expiration date. I don't plan on letting her go. My name is Dominic Salvatore and I'm in love with a woman who hates me.

No Treble Allowed


I'm the bass player for Straight Wicked, the hottest rock band in years.


My angel face hides my devil's desire. Every woman thinks she wants me, but they don't know me.


I always go too far.


Our band is unraveling and it's my fault. Cleaning up my act won't save shit, but if pretending to do it gets me what I want….


I want her.

I want the woman I can't have.

I want to ravage her soul and steal her innocence. 


She's my worst addiction. With her, I almost believe I'm salvageable—but I'm not. I'm irreparably damaged. I'm going to destroy her. My name is Logan MacKenzie and I'm in love with my best friend.

String Me Up


I’m the lead guitarist for Straight Wicked, the hottest rock band in years.


Women fall at my feet. They think they can tame me, but I call the shots.


I’ll never trust a woman again.


The only woman I ever loved is the one I despise. She shredded my soul.


I want to hate her.

I want to punish her.

I want the chance to make her beg.


I should go to hell for what I’m about to do, but I don’t care. I’m going to get even. The problem is one look in those blue eyes and I still want her. My name is Aiden Westbrook and I’m in love with a woman who shattered me.



The Demented Sons MC Novels was the first series released. They have been so loved that Kristine branched into their Texas Chapters. Start with Lock, then dive into Styx, Smoke, and Gunny. Styx was a part of a charitable anthology in early 2019 and is now a full-length novel.

Lock and Load



I'm the Sergeant-At-Arms for the Demented Sons MC. A year ago my life went to shit, and every priority I ever had changed. Being a single dad on the run was never on my radar, but that was the hand I was dealt.

I didn't think shit could get worse.

Then fate dumped a raven-haired beauty in my lap, and all hell broke loose.

Trying to keep my two-year-old daughter and a hot mess of a woman alive while still protecting my club threw my adrenaline into overdrive. Strung tight, danger coming at us from all directions, I faltered...

That was the only excuse I had for what happened next.

Styx and Stones



I'm the Enforcer for the Demented Sons MC, I don't do beach hook-ups with a prim-ass school teacher. And I sure as hell don't obsess over the chick afterward. But that's exactly what I did.

Remembering every inch of her luscious body, every damn sound she’d uttered—I fell into a hole I couldn’t crawl out of. A five foot nothing, legs for days, hole.

No choice, I made a decision. Come hell or high water, the school teacher was gonna be mine...

Except I didn’t realize she had a past I couldn’t survive.

Smoke and Mirrors



As President of the Demented Sons MC, I don’t have time in my life for a woman. It’s not easy running a chapter and raising a teenager alone. Except sometimes life nails you like a freight train.

Nothing prepared me for her.

A ghost from the past, she barreled in wanting something from me I wasn’t prepared to give.

Trying to keep my club together and my daughter from going off the rails, while staying under my enemy’s radar had me wound tight. Haunted by icy blue eyes and a sexy smile, I caved…

Now I’m caught in a web that’s destined to get me killed.

Jax and Jokers



I’m a loyal member of the Demented Sons MC. My priorities were my club and my family. Add in one sick bastard trying to pick us off and I sure as hell didn’t need relationship complications.

Enter one hot waitress.

A chance meeting. One wild night. By morning, I was gone. Maybe I’d used her, but she’d utterly ruined me.

Brothers dropping like flies, adrenaline in my veins, she would’ve been a dangerous distraction—one I couldn’t afford.

At the worst possible moment, I made her a reckless promise. A promise I wouldn’t keep­—because I’m no saint.

She was already mine. Too bad it literally took a hurricane to make me see it.



The Iced series follows the players of the Austin Amurs. hockey team. The first book in the series, Hooking is Alex Kosinski's story. If you loved the DSMC Texas series, Alex is Truth's little brother. This series will also include Dmitry who is Kira's (Voodoo) brother and Jericho Baranov, her cousin. Start with Alex, then prepare for Cameron's story.


Hooking: When a player impedes the progress of an opponent by “hooking” him with his stick.

I’m Alex Kosinski, left wing for the Austin Amurs. Hooking was my penalty. It’s never something I set out to do, but it happens. After all, it’s hockey.

Hockey is life. Getting traded was a kick to the nuts, but at least I was still playing. It was all that mattered.

Until Sydney.

Our relationship was forbidden, but I didn’t care—I hadn’t run from a fight yet.

I had her right where I wanted her, until everything crashed around me. My past came back to bite me in the ass and I was faced with getting kicked off the team. Now, I’m trying to pick up the goddamn pieces.

I’m not going to choose between her or hockey. I want it all. Because despite everything, she’s the best thing I’ve ever hooked.



Welcome to the Royal Bastards where loyalty is King and Code is the only way to survive. This club is not for the weak-minded or easily disturbed. These 1%ers are vicious, ride hard, and love raw. Our stories are dark, cold-blooded, and created to trigger the best of you.⠀

If you dare travel down our dark twisted roads, hold on tight!⠀

◄۞👑¤═¤ROYAL BASTARDS MC¤═¤👑۞►⠀

28 Authors 26 Chapters around the WORLD!⠀




Voodoo: RBMC Ankeny IA Chapter


I’m Ogun “Voodoo” Dupré—SAA for the Ankeny RBMC. There’s no pretty way to put it: I do the dirty work for my club. Without question, I follow the direct orders of my president.

Except, when my services were required for a particularly delicate situation, I found myself hesitating for the first time in my adult life. That hesitation was my downfall.

With the Bratva gunning for me and my own father out for my blood, I didn’t think I’d survive. Yet, come hell or high water, I’d keep her safe—because she was meant to be mine.

The rumors about my chapter are true, yet things aren’t always what they seem. We don’t play fair, and we don’t leave witnesses.⠀

Sometimes you gotta work a little black magic to come out alive.⠀

Angel: RBMC Ankeny, IA Chapter



I’m Jude “Angel” Bearheart—newly appointed Enforcer for the Ankeny RBMC. They didn’t call me the Angel of Death for nothing. I do the “disposal and cleaning” for the club.

Ridding the world of evil, was my justification for my actions. I was the executioner when the judge and jury failed the victims.

When I found myself at the wrong end of her gun, the hunter became the hunted. Angry brown eyes flashing fire, she had the nerve to demand an exchange I never saw coming.

A dirty politician gunning for us on one side, and a rival club on the other, we were trapped. Trying to find a way out while I kept her alive, would take a miracle.

Except I found myself moving heaven and hell to protect her—because she was mine.

A Very Venom Christmas: RBMC Ankeny, IA Chapter



I’m Decker “Venom” Pruitt-President for the Ankeny RBMC. I'm a fair man, but those who've crossed me know my retaliation is swift and lethal. Venom ran through my veins.


After the Army, all I needed was my club. Emotionally bankrupt, I had nothing to offer a woman. Especially her. She wanted me to show her who I really was, but that was impossible. I was her worst nightmare.


Two pink lines changed everything. 

Too late, I found out she'd gotten tied up with the wrong crowd. Trouble was falling all over us like the winter snow-steady and determined to bury us. That wasn't happening on my watch.

Sometimes it doesn't take an army, just one man full of venom and nightmares.


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