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Taming Raptor: RBMC Dallas, TX Chapter

ISBN​-10: 1953318088

I’m Adrien Krow, but they call me Raptor. 


Ten years ago, Sage was too damn young for my darkness, so I put up a wall. It worked—until the day it didn’t. Being with her wasn’t supposed to rock my world, but it sure as hell did.


The last thing I planned to do was move back to Texas and the secrets I left behind.


But all debts must be paid, and I owed a big one.


Now I'm the President of the Dallas, Texas chapter, and I’m haunted by the woman I left behind. I tell myself I’m better off alone, and I’m almost convinced. But then she shows up on the back of my brother’s goddamn bike with trouble nipping at her heels.


If that isn't enough to piss me off, her trouble catches up, leaving both her and my chapter in the sights of a contract killer. I'm not taking either situation lying down. I'm stealing her from my brother, and I'm eliminating the threat against us.


Because Sage and the Dallas chapter are mine—and no one touches what's mine.



Welcome to Kristine Allen’s Dallas, TX chapter! If you enjoyed the Ankeny, IA series, you’re going to love the Dallas chapter. Raptor moved back to Texas and re-established the Dallas, TX chapter that had been closed down in the wake of Rancid’s reign.

Raptors Revenge: RBMC Dallas, TX Chapter

ISBN​-10: 1953318096


Though Raptor and Sage (Cookie) got their HFN, you all knew there had to be more....

The conclusion to their story is here!


Sage and I finally got our happily ever after—or happily for now. Because there are things left unresolved.

A killer is still on the loose and we both have demons lurking. Secrets and insecurities that are closing in whether we like it or not.

Now, someone is toying with us and threatening to break up our newfound happiness. Not happening.

I will pull out all the stops, because I meant what I said….

No one messes with what’s mine without me getting revenge.

Sparking Ares: RBMC Dallas, TX

ISBN​-10: 195331810X


Once upon a time, I was Soap, happy-go-lucky member of the Demented Sons MC in Iowa. Beneath that façade, I had a secret I couldn’t afford to get out. All of that ended when the woman I loved died in my arms.

Driven by revenge, I searched for the party responsible for her death. When all I found were dead ends, I went to the Royal Bastards MC—known for uncovering the evil of the world and exterminating it. My stipulation—I wanted to be the one to kill whoever had stolen from me.

They refused. So I did what I had to do.

I joined them.

Slaughtering a human trafficker should be easy. What I wanted was within my grasp. Except, when I needed to pull the trigger, I hesitated. Because revenge is a dish best served cold, but a fiery blonde sparked an unexpected flame within me. Plans changed, I took her prisoner, and sh*t hit the fan.

If I wanted to keep her safe, I needed to embrace my secret and pray I could control the savage beast it unleashed.

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