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BABIT2018 - Books Are Bigger In Texas

Today was incredible. Yes, it was hot and humid, but there were so many amazing authors there today and the readers were out of this world. I guess you would call me a new or baby author. At this moment, I have three books published - no wait - four after midnight! So in the scheme of things, not many. But hey, this time last year? I had ZERO published.

For me it was a new adventure. It was my first big book signing and I was so very nervous on the way there. When the first few readers approached my table I felt frozen, unsure and anxious. It didn't last long, as everyone was super friendly and seemed to be understanding of this new author's stage fright.

It was bittersweet in that this was my first and last BABIT since it was their last event. But what an event to cut my teeth on! I'm hoping to be at many more book signings over the course of the next year, so keep watch on here and my facebook page for updates. The number of authors I saw was mind boggling to me. Not just the general quantity, but the sheer number of well-known/popular authors. Authors I've been reading for a long time. It was like meeting your idol for the first time.

Well, thanks for listening to the ramblings of my mind, and if you came out to the signing, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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